Summary: Texarkana Therapy Center - SEO

Texarkana Therapy Center is a pediatric therapy center located right off Richmond Rd at 4824 McKnight Rd, Texarkana, TX 75503 Texarkana, Texas that specializes in occupational, speech, and physical therapy. As their web site states they  are committed to seeing their children grow, learn, and excel in all areas of their lives. Their team offers a multi-disciplinary approach through speech, physical, and occupational therapy. They are dedicated to providing exceptional care in a loving and nurturing environment for our patients and families.

The Texarkana Therapy Center approached us about a website and seo in 2018 and we were glad we could help them in both areas.  They are a great client that gives their clients a unique service that puts all three disciplines into one place. 

Our SEO Strategy focused on local seo and the goal was to get them to show up first when each discipline (physical therapy, occupational therapy, and Speech Therapy) was searched and of course the term therapy and the city they are located in along with near me.

The results are below.




Texarkana Therapy Center


26 October, 2018