Web Design

Professional Web Design , Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce Shopping Carts, Blogs, Custom Software Development, Innovative Solutions, and Much More.

Experience design at scale

With our partner and client BOOM Business Store you get the same exact products and service as godaddy but with a little more. Best part is our clients get it for about 30-60 percent less than what is charged at Godaddy.


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Understand your user experience

We understand that everything is all based on user experience, in particular the first use. This is why we have 24/7 support just in case if you need anything. 

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remain responsive across devices

Access all of your ads, portals, emails, and more from anywhere and on any device.

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Make a beautiful website

It has never been easier to create pages and websites on WordPress

Having a good optimized website and an online presence is vital to allow your business to grow. A credible, informative, fast, and impressive website gives your company crediblility by making it look proffesional and by making it a hub for anyone who types in questions in your business field on google.

Yes that means more leads from people who are already looking for something you do plus you are credible source everyone goes too. More loyal customers who come to you.

But if your website looks bad and has bad information people will just disreguard it and any information on it as not credible

Build your Dream

Website Creation

WJB Marketing creates unique, creative, and smooth mobile friendly responsive web sites to ensure increased lead conversions! We know that having a responsive website increases lead conversions by about 20 percent and other little tricks that will help you increase the amount of leads you obtain, clients you have, and total amount of customers. We do the research that lays down the ground work good leads and solid conversions, like putting your logo on the right side of your website! Comscore.com increased their conversion rate by 69 percent!

Be on the top of google Search!

Website Optimization

People place lots of trust in search engines for high-quality results. If Google places your website within the top three to five search results, that tells the person performing a Google search that your website must be good. This user then tells people about your website through word-of-mouth or online. This is known as conversion which is the ultimate goal of your online business. Over 93 percent of searches on google end on the first page of the search results.

Back up and Maintain your website!

Website Maintaince

Smaller details begin to make huge differences. For instance, did you know that websites with live customer support chat increases website conversions by 20% and sales by up to 200%? It’s true! In fact Intuit.com increased conversions by 20% and sales by 211% after adding a live chat to their website. Let us be you 24/7 customer service line so you can focus on what matters the most!